The abstractly high amount the Twitch streamer earned with her burping video

Twitch streamers sometimes make money in the least obvious way.

For many streamers, streaming on Twitch was just a way to reach more people. Through TTV, profiles on adult websites or websites with rather unusual services were promoted.

For example, one of the streamers revealed that she made a fortune from a burping video. Someone asked her to record such material, then it was sold to other people. How much can you earn on something like this?

An abstractly high amount for a few minutes’ video

During one of the broadcasts, Alinity was asked about the strangest thing she had ever done. The streamer mentioned a video that mostly consists of her burping. She was asked to do so by a specific person, then more people paid to hear it.

In total, this translated into about USD 50,000. Yes, for a video where the streamer burps. Today Alinity laughs that she worked hard on it.


The chat reaction speaks for itself, people started typing question marks en masse.

Streaming on Twitch is an unusual activity, and as you can see, it allows you to earn money by doing some really weird stuff.