The perfect CDPR conversation with a Cyberpunk 2077 player that never gets old

In the history of Cyberpunk 2077, a few things happened that no one will ever forget. This is one of them.

Whenever it is invoked, it always puts a smile on the faces of the players. Especially in retrospect. Let us remind you that in 2020, around the premiere of Cyberpunk, the atmosphere was incredibly tense.

It was then that everyone wrote to the developers to get down to work and finally release the game. Cyberpunk has already been delayed twice (in retrospect, this fact alone amuses some). And here came a certain Twitter user who didn’t want to wait any longer.

This conversation will be remembered by everyone

“OJC”, whose account no longer exists, had obvious problems with entries appearing on the official account, and that developers still haven’t released Cyberpunk.

CDPR responded by saying that the social media team has nothing to do with the development of Cyberpunk. It wasn’t the best, however.

Twitter user did not give up and wrote that then there are better ways to spend money. As a result, Cyberpunk’s account replied that he was right, everyone will resign on Monday.

This conversation was as fun a year ago as it is today. In 2020, it was so popular that it came to the main Reddit page, and the user “OJC” completely deleted his account.

Since then, this conversation has made its way through all the other entries every few months.

Back in the day, everyone complained that Cyberpunk was postponed, today people complain about bugs and that’s really the only difference.