Playing Cyberpunk 2077 at night after the last update is quite risky because of…

Playing Cyberpunk at night would usually be associated with “chill drive through the city”. Well, not after the last update.

Players more and more often complain about an unusual error, which is extremely annoying, especially in the evening when it is dark around. Every light in the room is off, only a small lamp is on and a bug appears that is comparable to the effect of a flashbang grenade.

This is not a “gamebreaking” bug, but players rate it as one of the most annoying bugs since launch. Mainly because it effectively discourages further gameplay.

No lights on and suddenly Cyberpunk does something strange

The community comments that this has mainly intensified since the last update. It is about a situation in which Cyberpunk suddenly lights up the whole world for no good reason. As if the weather and lighting were buggy, it’s hard to interpret it. Suddenly the screen turns all white.


Worse still, when it’s nighttime in the game, it’s easy to imagine what players will feel when something like this happens every few minutes. It is difficult to remain calm and willing to play.

So far, the developers have not commented on this and there is nothing to count on. Perhaps this will be fixed in the next update, but nothing has been confirmed on this topic at the moment.