Cyberpunk 2077 is going to change a lot soon. Change of systems, new DLC, multiplayer mode

Leakers put together all the information that has been gathered so far. What is the future of Cyberpunk 2077?

Media are interested in the subject of Cyberpunk 2077, including the largest ones like “Forbes”. Mainly because the title was an incredibly controversial production and many people are curious about the development of this game.

It is “Forbes” who wrote down what is to be added to Cyberpunk in the future. Many of these things have not been confirmed and CDPR is expected to work on them

What awaits the players?

There is quite a lot of news, but unfortunately, it is not known whether it is a plan for the next weeks, months, or maybe years.

  • Over the next few years, CDPR aims to improve every part of the world and its system.
  • The entire police system will be rebuilt.
  • The actions of the players will have a greater impact on the entire world around them, characters will remember that the player has acted out of order, which will be reflected in the game.
  • CDPR wants to change the NPC system to be more diverse.
  • The system of clothes will be rebuilt, it will be possible to transfer statistics from one item to another.
  • Of course, “tons” of free DLCs are coming, but don’t expect them to be any breakthrough stuff.
  • There will also be customization of apartments, general development of threads related to the life of V.
  • Two big DLC. We should not expect a new zone, but tasks are very possible.
  • CDPR is still working on a “small MMO” to make Cyberpunk a game for a few people, but at this point, it has turned more towards co-op rather than something like GTA Online.

It is not known whether it is about this or next year, or maybe a plan without a specific date. Certainly, some points are very interesting and their implementation would help Cyberpunk. Others will be very difficult to implement, especially looking at the current state of the game.