Cyberpunk 2077 has a hidden room that you normally can’t enter, and inside it…

Cyberpunk 2077 is crowded with various rooms that are finished and that cannot be reached in any way.

Months after the premiere, you can see how many things CDPR had to give up on. There are a lot of things in Cyberpunk, as well as in its code, that were clearly simply abandoned at some point.

As a result, there are several places in the game that are normally impossible to enter. What does “normally” mean? Without using any mods. Usually, developers did a very simple trick, just making the door closed.

A hidden room where…

“pablo397” showed one example of a room that is fully finished. It has its own specific model, there were even items to pick up inside. Interestingly, this is not all. There was also a person in the room, rather everyone recognizes what she was doing.


Why wasn’t it just opened, when theoretically everything is ready? The character is somehow related to the prologue, and since some scenes were not finally used, CDPR preferred to lock the room and leave it as it is. You can only get there by using special modifications.

Are there more such places? Absolutely, although discovering them takes a long time and not everyone wants to check all closed doors or walk through random walls.