Why is it better not to call for all cars at once in Cyberpunk 2077?

One of the players came up with the unusual idea of calling for all vehicles at once.

Everyone, regardless of age, has certainly seen footage of Minecraft where loads of TNTs are set up, which the player sets fire to and explodes, crashing the game completely. In Cyberpunk, a similar effect can be achieved with cars.

The effect is not so spectacular, but it can definitely lag even the most powerful computers. It is worth remembering about and you should probably save the game before such experiments.

Calling all cars at once

One Reddit user with the nickname ‘Sufficient-Length-58’ decided to see what happens when he calls in all his cars. At first, nothing spectacular happened except that the game had already started to lag a bit.

Cyberpunk put all the vehicles in one place, which looked quite … unusual. After that, it only got better.


At the time of the explosion, the game had a hard time keeping everything alive, but it finally succeeded. Of course, the whole thing should only be considered an experiment and something better not to try.