It’s been a month since Cyberpunk 2077 was last updated. Leaks show how many things are waiting to be rolled out

Cyberpunk’s last update, marked as 1.31, took place on September 14, so a month has passed and there is less and less time left until the end of the year.

The recent free DLC for Cyberpunk has disappointed the community a lot. Recall that the following has been introduced:

  • Two jackets
  • A new car
  • Johnny Silverhand’s alternate appearance

There is more and more information on the web that at this rate all leaked items will be introduced next year. It is not surprising that there were about 17 new products in the leaks.

Forbes points out that the CDPR seems to have died out. There are no updates or additional information about the progress of work on the DLC or extensions.

What is to be introduced?

Let us remind you that in July, quite extensive information about new products and functions to be implemented in Cyberpunk as part of the free DLC was leaked. Most of them are not extremely important – some are cosmetic accessories in the form of, for example, clothes, but there are real gems here.

For example, “dlc10_monster”, according to people searching the game files, is a designation for monsters that are to appear in some places on the map. It has been speculated that it might have something to do with Halloween, and this is really not far away.

There are a lot of finishers, cosmetics, new missions on the list, these theoretically meaningless names hide some pretty interesting things, such as an alternative apartment, finishers, and weapon packs.

  • 1) dlc1_swp
  • 2) dlc2_jposes
  • 3) dlc3_kab0
  • 4) dlc4_quartz – released
  • 5) dlc5_jackets
  • 6) dlc6_apart
  • 7) dlc7_pwp
  • 8) dlc8_mirror
  • 9) dlc9_arr06
  • 10) dlc10_monster
  • 11) dlc11_jlook
  • 12) dlc12_mfinish
  • 13) dlc13_twp
  • 14)dlc14_arr12
  • 15) dlc15_ngplus
  • 16) dlc16_jpn06
  • 17) dlc17_bwp

The only question is when to expect these additions, since CDPR has been silent for a month. In fact, the only information concerns changes in the composition of employees and new gadgets in the physical store.