He stole a car from Cyberpunk 2077, drove away and returned to the same place. He had not expected this

Car theft in Cyberpunk 2077 can be really unpredictable, and this is another proof of this.

Some time ago, we wrote about one strange theft attempt that ended with a bizarre flip. It’s even weirder here. The player stole the car, did what he was supposed to do, and returned it to the place where he had stolen it.

It is known that Cyberpunk still has various errors, some of which are related to the movement of vehicles, their driving, etc. This is why the most popular mod for Cyberpunk at the moment is the one that fixes driving and car issues in general.

An NPC that won’t let go

Here we have a strange error that is even difficult to logically explain. The player stole the car, and then, when he returned to the same place, the NPC who originally owned the car appeared in the vehicle.


How did this happen? The system must have gone stupid for some reason and misinterpreted this vehicle. But the strangest thing, the player was still able to drive normally, but also could see the eyes and the entire NPC model.