You will not see a better car theft in Cyberpunk 2077. What happened here?

It is true that stealing vehicles in Cyberpunk is not complicated, but it must be remembered that sometimes the simplest activities become extremely difficult.

Cyberpunk can surprise you with great views, stories, graphics, some mechanics, and easter eggs. In addition, it has non-standard scenarios that go viral instantly.

Of course, the main role in these scenarios is played by various types of bugs that turn simple activities into torment. This is exactly the case here. One of the players wanted to steal the car, but its owner definitely had other plans.

Something went wrong

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “TheUltiOne” shared with players his rather unusual, even for Cyberpunk, situation. Theoretically, the matter was simple – to steal the car. It starts well at the beginning and only gets better.


The character in the middle for some reason, instead of being thrown to the ground, glitches in the vehicle, which cannot drive normally. Since there is an obstacle, it is natural for the game to capsize the car at zero speed.

There are no implants in Cyberpunk that allow you to connect the characters with the car, although in fact some vehicles (without revealing the plot) have their own identities. However, this situation should be classified as a standard bug.