To call what is happening in Cyberpunk 2077 disturbing is like to say nothing at all. If you wait long enough, you can hear…

Players discovered a rather strange tidbit, and maybe a bug. It only takes a moment for the characters to laugh in a very disturbing way.

This is another situation in which it is not entirely clear whether we are talking about a bug or some kind of joke from the developers. Until now, the Joker in Cyberpunk 2077 could only be “met” through special mods.

Now players are laughing that all you have to do is visit Misty’s store and wait long enough to hear the Joker. For some reason, the characters in the game start laughing in a rather uncomfortable way.

Laughing for hours

The laughter is looped and creates a really strange outcome. Perhaps the developers planned it that way, or maybe these sounds were not supposed to be there at all. In any case, the video of Reddit user “CryptographerOk7890” is quickly gaining popularity, and it’s hardly surprising.

“Joker in Night City? If you stay long enough at Misty’s store the first time you visit, Misty and Jackie will start laughing all the time, forever,” writes the player.


It is both strange and difficult to explain. It’s definitely a looped laugh, but a question why someone made it this way and added it remains. Most players will never experience it, but that may be a good thing.