This face, when answering the question about Cyberpunk 2077 4 months before the premiere, says it all

The players recalled a short excerpt from one of the conversations that took place 4 months before the premiere of Cyberpunk 2077.

So far, everything indicates that the developers themselves knew well what the game looks like and in what condition it will come out. This is indicated, inter alia, by the interviews in which there were considerable doubts, not on the part of journalists.

One such interview was recalled by a Reddit user with the nickname “itworks_onmymachine”, who recalled a conversation that took place in July 2020, where the premiere took place in December 2020.

The expression says it all

A theoretically simple question as to whether Cyberpunk 2077 will have an impact on the gaming industry. Answer? It’s kind of suggesting that the team knows what’s going on. A bit of confusion and hope that Cyberpunk will be better than The Witcher.


In retrospect, such interviews, CDPR statements are viewed completely differently than in mid-2020. At that time, everyone thought that the upcoming production would be groundbreaking and in many respects it is.

Rather, hardly anyone has any problems with the developers themselves. There are only allegations in the network that they did not fully inform about the state of the game. Most is said about the attitude of the management board and the pressures that were to appear. However, this topic is very vague, nobody talks about it too much, and most of the information is based on rumors and unconfirmed information.