What does the use of illegal CSGO play in a major tournament looks like? Using a glitch

During one of the matches at this highest level, there has been a use of a play that is forbidden. Why?

The most popular online games often suffer from various types of bugs that can change the fate of the game. Situations with bugs happen in LoL, Fortnite, and in CS: GO. In each of these productions, purposeful use of glitches to gain an advantage is prohibited.

This is why the play Gambit took advantage of was unfair. It is worth mentioning here that the described Molotov bug has existed since April 2021.

What does illegal play look like?

In the Gambit vs Heroic match, a Molotov was used that passed through walls. The use of this type of play is directly against the spirit of fair play. The teams discussed a lot about repeating this round, but it was finally decided that it would not be necessary.


Gambit won this game quite confidently, 2-0, 16:11 on Inferno, and 16:10 on Vertigo. Probably, if the match were more even this particular round may have been played again.