Are Valve employees doing anything on CSGO? You might be surprised how many things are being worked on

There is a general opinion on the web that CS: GO developers do not pay much attention to their game. Is it true?

CS: GO does not receive as much news as other popular online productions. For example, in many other games, we now have typical Christmas or winter events – changed maps, a pool of weapons, interesting game modes.

It’s just not there in CS, although it used to be. Why? Unfortunately, it is not known, perhaps Valve came to the conclusion that it did not affect CS: GO’s popularity, or maybe it was a decision of someone “above”.

Is Valve doing anything?

Most players, when they have a problem, just write about it on Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter. If the matter goes unnoticed, it simply never reaches Valve employees.

That’s why there’s an official GitHub profile that virtually nobody knows about. And although few people do, there are still over a thousand reported problems, issues that Valve is responding to. Yes, Valve is responding – it might be quite a shock, but this is where developers are actively looking.

On the one hand, we have Valve’s stance that they do not want to inform players about their progress, on the other, a GitHub that hardly anyone knows about, and where a lot is going on. In total, over 1.8 thousand cases were closed there, while another thousand are open.

So Valve is in fact active in solving problems, but this information simply does not reach anyone.