In 4 years, Valve has not fixed a serious CSGO bug that allowed you to see your opponent in a smoke

This error has been used many times by average and PRO players during official games.

There are many different bugs in CS: GO that allow you to gain an advantage over your opponent. One of them is the ability to see a hostile character in front of a smoke. Doing this “trick” is not difficult, because you only need to shoot.

The whole thing came back through a post from a Reddit user who showed how easy it is to spot an enemy in a smoke. By shooting next to him, you can clearly see the shape of the figure.


Is this something new? Definitely not

This works in many different places and situations. The first recordings with this error appeared in 2018, although it is possible that it happened even earlier.


Will Valve do something about it? Rather dubious as it is not on any To-Do list. This bug happened not only in random matches but also during official games.

So the “Smoke bug” is generally known, probably Valve also knows about its existence. It’s hard to say why this has not been fixed so far.


Of course, it may be that developers will now pay a little bit more attention to it – the topic on Reddit has become really popular.