Strange circle around cursor in CSGO on Windows 11? What is it and how to turn it off?

Windows 11 is used by many computer users, including CS: GO players. However, it can cause some problems…

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players who have migrated to Windows 11 may face some problems. One of them is a strange circle that displays around the crosshair during gameplay.

Interestingly, this problem sometimes occurs with other games and on the desktop. What is it and how can you get rid of it?

What does the circle look like and how to get rid of it?

The circle that can be seen in the video below has started to appear since the last system update. This is a type of cursor highlight to help you find it. It can make the gameplay a bit more difficult because the screen dims a bit because of it, which reduces visibility. In addition, it is an unnecessary distraction.


To disable cursor highlighting, go to “PowerToys Settings”, then to “Mouse Tools” and disable the “Find my mouse” option there.

For most people, this is quite a strange solution from Microsoft, so it’s worth just turning it off. Especially since it can be an unnecessary difficulty while playing any game.