Research shows that CSGO is the most relaxing FPS. Strange, but it is the case

The ‘University of Leeds’, a huge university with over 38,000 students, has joined esports research, specifically several productions and their impact on stress.

This is definitely one of the most interesting studies or rather the results. Several esports productions were taken under the microscope, including:

  • CS:GO
  • Apex Legends
  • COD Warzone
  • PUBG

32 players took part in the study and their pulse was monitored on an ongoing basis. The study found CS: GO to be the most relaxing, while also delivering the greatest jumps in heartbeat rate.

CS: GO is the best way to get rid of stress

The results are quite surprising, you can see that CS: GO players were the most relaxed. People playing Apex Legends can bear their matches the worst.

It is a pity that other games, such as League of Legends, were not included in the study. It could be really interesting there. CS: GO is exactly as you might expect.

Apex Legends is fairly “even” when it comes to heart rate:

Meanwhile, in CS: GO you can perfectly tell when an action took place:

So it really pays to play CS, maybe because of those breaks after being liquidated. Then we rest, at least that’s what our heart rate says.