The CSGO player perfectly predicted that he would eliminate his rival

This CSGO player knew exactly what he was doing. He predicted perfectly when and how he would eliminate the opponent.

The statement that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is unpredictable is really popular. And it is indeed very difficult to predict what will happen because this title offers many gameplay surprises – also for the most experienced players. Sometimes, however, a bit of luck and skill makes it possible to predict what will happen.

“You will die when the clock strikes 1:44”

Before the start of the round, an anonymous CS: GO player wrote to his opponent in a general chat – “You will die when the clock strikes 1:44”. Soon after that, the entire team acquired the appropriate equipment and everyone ran to take their positions. As you can see in the video, the player with Desert Eagle rushed the palaces, where he caught his opponent, exactly in the announced second.


Of course, luck and coincidence that the opponent decided to take positions in the palace played a large role in the whole situation. Were it not for this, the words of the anonymous player would probably not have mattered much, but it turned out to be completely different.