How did the audience helped CSGO players during the tournament? The weaker side of such events

Everyone was waiting impatiently for such events to return. They have certain consequences.

Professional players have got used to the fact that they play in their apartments, possibly from gaming houses. However, everything is slowly returning to normal, and more and more esports events are held with the participation of the audience.

And this one can sometimes amuse, but also irritate the pros themselves. This is exactly what happened during the BLAST tournament. The audience was telling when to shoot and where the opponents might be.

Audience’s hints?

How can the audience give a hint to the players who are on stage? One way is to just shout. Worse, there’s not much of a way to deal with it. Of course, you can ask people to leave, but it is virtually impossible to keep an eye on everyone.


The players then blamed the audience for prompting. Of course, this can be considered unsportsmanlike behavior, but it is difficult to draw any consequences from it. This proves that professionals should still be cut off from the audience by special rooms.