A royal family member recovered his CSGO inventory. The abstract amount he has earned

All cosmetic items have returned to one of the most interesting CS: GO accounts.

The player with the nickname “St4ck” will most be associated with the fact that he was the first to reach the 5000 account level on Steam. According to calculations, reaching this level cost him nearly $ 242,000.

The player is known not only for his high level, but also for the equipment he gave to another player about 2 years ago, specifically to a player with the nickname “Kugio”, today associated primarily with Twitch.

How much did a royal family member earn in these 2 years?

It was not a toxic relationship, there was no drama. The equipment was probably handed over for detention. Now it’s back to its original owner and players can see what exactly he has.

While Kugio’s account remained private, St4ck revealed that all items are valued at over a million dollars today. The value of the inventory has therefore increased by 300-400%. There are really unique items on it, including Titan (Holo) Katowice 2014 stickers or the mass of weapons that have them.

Of course, you can also see Dragon Lore or the entire knife collection there. It was the most expensive gear in CS: GO, and it still hasn’t changed.

It is certainly a very interesting case worth observing. The player either went back to CS or the items came back because Kugio switched to Valorant.

So thanks to the fact that St4ck bought the items and did absolutely nothing with them, he earned around $ 300,000-400,000.