You think that Source 2 will not change anything in CSGO? This is the effect of one week’s work

In 2020 and 2021, it was often heard that Source 2 will not change anything when it comes to the players themselves.

Source 2 is primarily intended to be a help for map makers, Valve developers themselves, and people who are working on improving CS: GO. This has been known for a long time. Just like the fact that the transfer of Counter-Strike to a new engine has been going on for several years, while the work sometimes speeds up, sometimes slows down.

It is not really known when or if CS: GO will ever be transferred. It is known, however, that Source 2 will make a difference, not only to the developers themselves but also to players.

Week’s work effects

“GabeFollower”, a popular YouTuber, posted on his Twitter profile the workweek effect that passed from porting CS: GO to Source 2. The effect is easily visible and you don’t have to try hard to see that Source 2 makes a difference.


Is this a huge surprise? Definitely not, but it answers the question about a new engine and the sense of its introduction once and for all. If something like this can be created in a week, Valve should rather be at the end of the works.

However, it is known what reality looks like. Everyone knows that Valve is working on it, but it has never been officially confirmed.