18-year-old CSGO pro in 7 months earned more than Snax or kennyS in the span of their entire career

The young Natus Vincere player can be really proud of himself. In 7 months, he made more than some legends in their pro-gamer lives.

Over the years, electronic sports have grown and the best players in the world have the opportunity to earn better money. The reason for this is the fact that more and more sponsors are entering the market, which allows players to increase earnings. As a result, the 18-year-old pro from Natus Vincere earned more in 7 months than his older colleagues in 17 years.

Just take a look at the statistics

The statistics below show that the player earned nearly $ 749,000. This means that he has overtaken such Counter-Strike legends as KennyS or Zeus. Snax, Kjaerbye, Edward, and definitely more well-known pro players are also lower on the list.

The vast majority of B1t’s earnings come from the last 7 months, but this excludes winning the BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 tournament.

The Ukrainian player can be truly delighted with his achievement and be an example for other young players who dream of a career in the professional scene.