Valve is earning less and less with CSGO. The number of cases opened by players is the lowest in months

August was definitely a worse month for CS: GO earnings.

CS: GO, like other online games, benefited greatly from the known situation in the world. People were sitting at home, so the games experienced big spikes in popularity. This moment has passed, however, summer is gone, now the school has come.

We didn’t have to wait long for the effect. According to unofficial statistics, at least from May 2021, the number of cases opened in CS: GO is getting lower each month, and this, of course, translates into Valve’s earnings.

Valve is earning less and less from cases

Reddit user “Fjedjik” has created a simple summary showing how many cases have been opened in the last months. Since he started tracking it in May, the statistics only go back a few months.

Thanks to this, however, it is clearly visible that each month was worse than the previous one.

Valve definitely can’t count August as a successful month. Among these additional curiosities, the TOP cases that can be opened are:

  • Clutch Case,
  • Snakebite Case,
  • Spectrum 2 Case.

Do developers have anything to worry about? Probably not. Of course, the recent and still ongoing situation in the world has disturbed the rhythm of the games, while the standard summer period drops are simply due to good weather, holidays, etc.

Now everything should be back to normal. Because although players spend part of the day at work or school, they will later return home, and not, for example, go to the beach.