The CSGO player threw the decoy on Mirage from the bench on B and eliminated the rival in the palace with it

The CSGO player has published a video in which he performs a record-long elimination in the history of the game.

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has published a video on the Internet in which he is definitely making a record-breaking elimination in the history of Valve’s FPS. Of course, we cannot speak of any display of skill or special ingenuity here, but of great luck. Such action may never happen again, so it is not surprising that it quickly circulated the gaming community.

What was this record-breaking frag like?

As you can see in the material below – the whole situation is completely random and based on a number of ordinary accidents. The CSGO player came up with the idea of throwing the decoy towards the A bombsite while standing near the bench on BS B. This probably accidentally fell into the palace where his opponent with 1 health point was located. Somehow, the decoy hit an opponent, and as a result, the player scored a frag.


The whole situation is really amazing and it is for sure the longest and most spectacular frag in the world. The player literally from one end of the map managed to eliminate the opponent on the other end.