Valve handled it so that the vast majority of CSGO players now have lower ranks

If you thought it was hard so far, it seems to be even more difficult due to the recent changes.

Many CS: GO players have complained that the system does not allow them to advance to higher divisions. The situation was supposed to be improved by a special patch to fix the issue of rank. However, it did not work out well, as most players now have lower ranks than before the update.

So the question remains – did the update actually fix something and was it needed? It seems the latter is obvious, something had to be done with the ranks, but maybe not necessarily that way.

How have ranks changed in CS: GO?

Players now feel that they were treated very harshly. This is confirmed by statistics. If you have the same rank as before the changes, you can call yourself lucky. Only 33% of players are like you. has analyzed approximately 500,000 players and has come to the following conclusions:

  • Only 33% of players now have the same rank.
  • 21% of players have a higher rank than the previous one.
  • 45% of players have a lower rank.

So 45% of all players have lost in this update and have not bounced back so far. Maybe it was supposed to be so, or maybe the developers overdid something? No further changes of this type should be expected in the near future. All of this has yet to stabilize.