How Valve makes fun of Source 2 in CSGO as part of the new update for the game’s 10th birthday

A new operation has arrived to CS: GO, finally changing the map pool and adding a new capsule.

Unfortunately, the players’ suspicions turned out to be wrong once again. Valve introduced a new update, but it did not bring anything groundbreaking in total. The very good news is the change of the map pool – among other things, Train has been restored. In terms of maps:

The main course is also a new capsule with stickers and a coin.

How does Valve make fun of Source 2?

Gamers quickly realized that Valve is somehow making fun of the update bringing the new engine to CS: GO. One of the stickers seems to refer directly to this.

The conspiracy club probably says it all here. The developers certainly know that players are waiting for Source 2, but nobody expected Valve to make any reference to it at all.

In addition, a coin for the 10th birthday has also been added:

And that’s it. The update is not one of the biggest, but it introduces some interesting news. In recent weeks, there have been concerns that Valve will not want to release anything and players will be left with nothing.