Valve came back to it after 6 years. You will likely be able to gift in CSGO

People who follow all the information about CS: GO report that Valve has returned to the concept of gifts after a few years.

Valve and all developers’ actions are meticulously followed by insiders. Looking at the changes in the code, they saw a return to the function known, for example, from DOTA 2. It is about the possibility of gifting people.

Last time, Valve worked on it in 2015. The project has apparently been abandoned, but now for some reason, the topic has returned. Perhaps the developers figured out how to do it differently.

Gift system in CS: GO

Of course, this cannot be taken as something certain that will definitely be introduced. However, it is at least puzzling that “gifts” appeared in the files again.

“Items_gifted” rather speaks for itself. So far, it is completely unclear when to expect further information on this topic and whether it will appear at all.

Now all that’s left is to wait for Valve to do something, as long as it does anything. However, as Gabe Follower writes, there is a good chance that developers will come back to it.