They thought they were getting CSGO cheats but they were perfectly trolled

Once again “ScriptKid” started trolling CS: GO cheaters.

“ScriptKid” is a YouTuber who has been trolling cheaters for many months. He creates software that in theory resembles cheats.

People download, try to cheat, and are trolled in every possible way. In a way, it is revenge against those who want to cheat and spoil the game for others.

Perfect cheat trolling

The software, instead of making the gameplay easier, makes it much more difficult. For example, players cannot use certain pathways. As soon as they get close, the script will take them back.


This is just one of the “hindrances”. Others are:

  • Automatic stepping into thrown Molotovs.
  • The bomb cannot be planted.
  • Automatic smoke throwing.
  • Shoot allies while they are on the crosshairs.

Out of all the ideas, we can also distinguish a fake flash, the script changes the size of the crosshair and its color, and also adds a sound effect. The cheater is convinced that he has just been blinded by a flash and it is actually a fake cheat messing with his game.


How do you play with something like this? It can be really hard, which can be seen in the short montage showing the best actions.