The most interesting ideas of CSGO players to improve the game. Could they really be introduced?

CS: GO is an old game but still has a huge community. So it’s not surprising that people would like some changes that would improve the game.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community is well aware of the fact that Valve’s FPS is getting old. Therefore, they propose changes that could be made by developers to improve it.

The vast majority of the proposals are published on Reddit, while these often come from the same people who create their ideas out of passion and sympathy for the game.

The most interesting ideas of players to improve CS: GO

Improved music pack settings

The music settings proposed by one of the members of the community could be really revolutionary. With it, the community would buy more music kits as each one could be used on a different occasion.

The current possibilities in CS are quite poor as one set works in all possible circumstances. In addition, the proposed solution looks quite good in terms of visuals.

New, refreshed console

Currently, the console in CS: GO looks quite outdated. It would be a good idea to create one that would meet modern standards and would not deter with its outdated appearance. Modernizing this and other elements of the game could make the production fresher and thus encourage new players to play.

Old interface on new panorama

One of the most interesting proposals is to add an interface to the game that would correspond to the one used years ago. The significant difference would be that it would be built on top of the new Panorama UI, which is already a part of Counter-Strike.

An interesting idea is to add an option that would allow you to change both interfaces. This change would not significantly affect the gameplay, although it would be an interesting feature for players who have been this FPS’ veterans for many years.

The above suggestions look really good and the authors put some work into creating them. Unfortunately, the likelihood that Valve decides to use them is quite low. Despite this, the community does not give up and constantly creates new concepts.