Valorant players want Riot to borrow some game element from CSGO. What is it actually about?

Valorant players envied the CS: GO community for a certain element of the game. As a rule, however, it was usually quite the opposite.

As a rule, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players say that they would like to transfer some elements from Valorant to Valve’s FPS. Of course, the case of anti-cheat software is mentioned most often.

This time, however, it is different, because Riot fans envied something the good old CS has.

Valorant players want the retake mode

In December 2020, Valve developers decided to add a retake mode to the game. This one had been coveted by the community a long time before, so Gabe Newell and company listened to their players’ calls. The mode is about planting a bomb, which it starts with. Of course, TT players have to defend, and CT players defuse it.

Valorant players would like to see something similar in the game from Riot Games. This is really a great way to train and can allow many players to develop their skills.

According to other players, this mode could even become one of the most popular in Valorant:

It is difficult to say whether the developers will actually decide to add this mode to Valorant. The community likes the idea, but it’s not known if Riot will listen to players this time. Perhaps they prefer users to focus on the types of gameplay introduced so far.