What’s coming to the game with the next act in Valorant? New game modes and a completely different unlocking of agents

Big changes are coming to Valorant. Different way of unlocking agents and a new game mode.

The current pass will end soon, and thus the end of Valorant’s current act is coming. Developers are already sharing information about what will be found in the game soon. Among other things, they are talking about changes to how quests work or a new game mode – team deathmatch. What more can be said about them?

News for Valorant’s next act

The developers today released further details about the team deathmatch mode, the latest 5-on-5 gameplay mode in which players will be able to play on one of three new maps. In team deathmatch, players will be able to choose their equipment for each stage at the beginning of the match or at any time in the revival zone. Weapons will also appear on the map, as well as regeneration orbs and ults.

Players will be revived every 1.5 seconds, and victory will be achieved by a team scoring 100 kills.


Riot also shared information on changes in mission execution.

VALORANT’s progress system will also get an update that will provide players with new ways to earn rewards. Changes include redesigned daily missions that introduce new daily milestones called checkpoints, a new free in-game currency called Kingdom Credits that can be exchanged to unlock various accessories, as well as agent recruitment events and more.

Now you’ll be able to review your daily quests and see how your game time contributes to your progress on new daily milestones, called checkpoints. Each game mode provides progress, so play any mode and progress will be earned automatically

Daily points are cumulative. You can also earn catch-up bonuses that allow you to earn rewards even if you can’t play every day.

Daily rewards provide both XP and Kingdom Credits, a new free currency that can be used to unlock free items (more on this in the next section).

So there will be a new way to unlock agents in the game. The changes will come into effect with the next act, so if anyone is in the process of unlocking a new agent, Riot recommends completing the acquisition of progress before June 27, when the release of the changes is expected to take place.

There will be a new currency coming to Valorant, awarded for playing and as a bonus for winning rounds in modes that have it. The currency will be completely free and awarded independently of others. Its maximum limit will be 10000 and it can be used to unlock selected items: agents, agent’s arsenal and items from previous battle passes, such as weapon badges, player cards, sprays, and titles.

What’s more, it will be possible to unlock the newest agent without using the currency described above by completing missions for several weeks after its release.