Deadlock is another Valorant agent. What abilities will she have and what does her cinematic look like?

Who is Deadlock – the new guardian from Valorant – and how will she play?

Valorant regularly receives new agents that players can choose from in their games. The last hero that players had the opportunity to meet was Harbor. His release took place last October, so it’s about time for a new agent.

In addition to the fact that Deadlock – a new guardian, whose skills you can take a look at below – will be coming to the game in a short while, the developers from Riot have decided to change how new agents are unlocked – CLICK. What, on the other hand, will Deadlock be characterized by?

Valorant’s new agent

Riot has already shared everything you might want to know about the new agent. Both a brief description of her and a pretty long cinematic were shown, as well as a set of abilities.

Norwegian agent Deadlock is the newest vigilante in VALORANT, using cutting-edge nano-circuitry to secure the battlefield against even the most deadly attack. Nothing escapes her and no one can survive her ruthless ferocity.


Below, you can take a look at her skill set, which was also revealed by the developers.

GravNet (C)

Press the Ability 1 key (C) to equip the GravNet grenade. Fire (left-click) to throw the ability. Use alt fire (right-click) to lob the grenade underhand.

The GravNet will detonate upon landing, forcing any enemies caught within to crouch and move slowly.


Sonic Sensor (Q)

Press the Ability 2 key (Q) to equip Sonic Sensor. Fire (left-click) to deploy the ability.

The sensor monitors an area for enemies making sounds. If footsteps, weapon fire, or significant noises are detected, it concusses that area.


Barrier Mesh (E)

Press the Ability 3 key (E) to equip a Barrier Mesh disc. Fire (left-click) to throw the ability.

Upon landing, the disc generates barriers from the origin point that will block character movement. Barrier Mesh will also block agent abilities, including Gekko’s Wingman.


Annihilation (X)

Press the Ultimate key (X) to equip Nanowire Accelerator. Fire (left-click) to unleash a pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy it comes to contact with.

The cocooned target will be dragged along a designated nanowire route, and if the captured agent reaches the end of this path without being rescued, they will perish. The nanowire cocoon is destructive, and requires a number of bullets to destroy.