Escape from toxicity from CSGO MMs to Faceit Premium? It’s not necessarily a good idea

CS: GO players complain about Faceit Premium. This is not the best idea for escaping MM’s toxicity.

Many Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players want to play good matches that are non-toxic and played in a cheerful atmosphere.

The situation on Valve’s servers is usually quite different, so some players simply prefer to pay for the opportunity to play matches on another platform, such as Faceit Premium. It turns out, however, that this idea is not the best.

Toxic players in Faceit Premium

One of the members of the Reddit community, Straverr, posted a post in which he shares his impressions of Faceit Premium. In his post, he noted the fact that toxic Russians are also a big problem there. Of course, it can be presumed that this is not the only nation that causes such problems, but players of this type are associated with native Russian citizens.

Other community members who commented on the post also confirmed the version of “Straverr”:

Toxic behavior on Faceit Premium can be caused by many players just trying hard. This is especially visible in the lower levels, where people there are not particularly skilled and often make mistakes. These frustrate people who would like to hit a higher level at all costs.

In such a situation, it is a good idea to find 4 friends who would not be toxic during the game. This task can be difficult as the skill level also needs to be considered. Another option is to try other platforms, such as ESEA or Esportal.