In CSGO you can have your own chicken that follows the player. Few know about this feature

Even experienced gamers don’t know about this hidden feature in CS: GO, and it was introduced until 6 years ago.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers sometimes add hidden updates to the game or “smuggle” changes in their regular updates that they don’t inform about at all.

One of them is the feature that allows you to have your own chicken in the game. This one was introduced in 2016, which many players do not realize until now.

How to have your “own” chicken in CS: GO?

The function in question is that the player can choose his own chicken to follow him. The interaction only lasts until someone kills the pet or its “owner” is defeated.

To recruit a pet, aim your crosshair at it and press the “Use” button, which is usually under “E” by default.

Interestingly, if a player loses his chicken, a message will appear in the chat informing about how much time he had in his possession:

It’s weird that the feature has been around in CS: GO for so many years and not so many players know about it. Either way, it’s a pretty fun fact worth knowing about, even though it won’t significantly impact your gameplay. However, it is worth remembering that the chicken should not distract during the game, as this may, of course, affect the statistics.