The CSGO update added new cases to files and completely broke the demos

Today there was a new CS: GO update, which in theory did not change much, but there are some interesting facts that were included in the patch.

The new update weighs the entire 25MB, so definitely no one expected it to be an incredibly large amount of news. You can see that Valve just took care of the was CS works, failing at the same time

This is a demo function that cannot be started in any way. Gamers are complaining about this en masse, so there will probably be another update to fix this bug tonight. There is, however, a way around this.

New CS: GO update

There are already new “Dreams & Nightmares” cases in the files. They are not officially available yet, and Valve is just getting ready to introduce them. You can preview what they look like:


As for the demos, you can start them by restoring the old version of CS: GO. To do this, you need to:

  • Use RMB on CS: GO,
  • Enter the settings,
  • Select version “”.

What else is in the update? New tasks for the next weeks of the operation, a few minor changes to the CS: GO code and that’s it, no changes to the map or significant novelties.