There is a QR code on the USP-S of the “Dreams and Nightmares” competition. Where is it leading?

CS: GO developers chose the best 17 among over 15,000 applications. Each of them has something original about them.

A few months ago, the developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive announced the “Dreams & Nightmares” competition. It consisted in selecting the most interesting skins for CS in the subject of dreams and nightmares.

Valve reported that they received over 15,000 submissions, of which they only had to select 17 skins, which can be seen in this article. One of the skins has an interesting easter egg in the form of a QR code. What’s with him?

What’s with the QR code on the gun and where does it lead?

As you can see in the screenshot below – USP-S added in the contest “Dreams & Nightmares” has a QR code. In a way, it adds a bit of futurism and makes the skin more mysterious. Moreover, it is a really interesting Easter Egg. As players have verified, the code points directly to the item page on the Steam Workshop.

This is a really great curiosity that the player has placed on the skin.

Thanks to this, it can arouse much more interest in the community, and this will be associated with higher sales. It is not surprising then that Valve chose this skin.