A 16-year-old CSGO player will piss off any boomer. “I don’t need school, I haven’t been to class even once”

One of the young talents of CS: GO confirms that times change a lot.

m0NESY is a unique case of a young player endowed with great talent. According to many people, he is a contender for the title of TOP 1 in the world. Suffice it to mention that he joined NAVI at the age of 14, and although we are talking about the academy, he already stands out.

Today, the 16-year-old has very extensive social media, he is watched on Twitch by nearly 400,000 people, and after all, it is all about playing skills. The player recently gave a few interviews that could have caused quite a surprise to boomers.

What? Without school?

m0NESY is aware of his skills and career opportunities, therefore at the age of 16, he did not focus on education, but on playing. Of course, he went to university but chose a field strictly related to esports.

As he explains, thanks to this, he surrounds himself with people who understand his situation and do not cause him any major problems. Earlier, he also came across an understanding tutor who often covered his mistakes. Interview excerpt for HLTV:

I am a professional gamer so it is important for me to be able to spend hours and hours playing. And when you play a lot, you start to miss classes. I missed a lot of classes at school, but I had a tutor who helped me a lot. I told her I had a tournament and I had to prepare and she covered me up, said I was sick and so on.

It is a clash of worlds, because older people, including parents, often do not understand what their children’s skills are and what they can achieve thanks to them. On the other hand, if a 14-year-old says he can play, it shouldn’t be a reason to ignore education. However, it is worth getting to know the topic better by consulting others.

So yeah, I went to the esports management department. This department‚Ķ people understand very well what I am doing, so I can skip some classes. Honestly, I haven’t been to a single lesson yet. I’ve been in Kiev for two months, so I just didn’t have time. My brother and I were looking for a university that would suit my needs.

Honestly, I don’t really need an education. It’s more for my parents, they are concerned about my education. But they also understand my position on this matter.

It is difficult to say how a player’s career would have developed if the parents put maximum pressure on education.