17 new skins coming soon to CSGO. Winners of Valve’s “Dreams & Nightmares” contest

We have already learned about the winners in the competition organized by Valve.

The studio decided that there are so many good skins that it will increase the number of winners. Interestingly, 14 people who won created their skins for the first time. What will happen now? Valve is expected to contact the winners in the coming weeks.

The skins will be polished and prepared for the official introduction to the game. Rather, all of them will be in CS: GO, unless the developers don’t get along with someone on the way.

Winning entries in the CS: GO competition

The skins are very different and everyone will surely find something interesting.

The skins of the winnings were really well received, the whole initiative was very appreciated by the players, so unless it is too much of an expense for Valve, there will probably be more of this type of “events” over time.