The CSGO player recreated a really detailed M4A1-S skin in reality. How does it look like?

This work literally looks like it has been pulled from the game. The CS: GO player perfectly recreated the M4A1-S skin.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community has many artistically talented members. As a result, a lot of works are created that, for example, are a transfer of the game to reality.

One of the best examples of it is the work of “Sama41Gaming”, who recreated the skin for M4A1-S – Printstream.

How does the M4A1-S Printstream look when transferred to reality?

In the photo below you can see what the handiwork of a Reddit community member looks like. The rifle has been recreated really accurately and is almost like the original version found in the game. Interestingly, this was made by hand, so the author had to spend a lot of time to bring the project to such an effect.

It is hard to find bigger differences between the above work and the original which is presented in the screenshot below:

Part of the community also paid more attention to the gloves, which in the digital version on the Counter-Strike market cost really exorbitant money.