The perfect and simple way to troll your friends in CSGO. Prepare for pure anger

There are many ways to troll other players in CS: GO, and this is one of them.

Trolling allies is quite risky, especially in close matches. Therefore, it is worth using it only when we are either sure of the result or no one cares about it too much. This particular troll was done by TrilluXe on one of the G2 Esports players.

It is not difficult to do, and it definitely brings the expected result, that is, pissing off our friend, who will not fully know that someone else is to blame for the “slip-up”, not him.

Troll in CS: GO

It’s about changing the weapon mode before we give it to a friend. Simple, but how sinister. Troller’s Perspective:


This is from the perspective of KennyS, who was trying to fire the Famas with the burst fire:


It is not extremely harmful, but you have to be prepared that you may lose the entire round because of it.