The best CSGO skins made by players. There is something for cat lovers or horror movies

Every day, new CS: GO skins are added to the Steam Workshop, but only some of them will appear in the game.

It is well known that the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community brings together people of different talents. People who have artistic and graphic skills and are able to create unique and exceptional skins for the game are highly appreciated. Almost every day, new skins are submitted to the Steam Workshop, but only some of them have a chance to be added to CS: GO.

These skins have a great chance of making their way into the game

Below you can see the most interesting community proposals for new skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive recently. Each of them is truly unique and has a good chance for the developers to add them to the game:

M4A1-S Wander Cat

This is an ideal proposition for cat lovers, and it appeared on the Steam Workshop quite recently. Still, it has attracted quite a lot of attention on Reddit and has a lot of potential. You can find a link to her website here.

M249 Horror Movie

Many CS: GO players were delighted with the above proposal. Although the M249 is a rather rarely used weapon, used for trolling, among other things, the skin above is a really creative work of art. A link to her Steam Workshop page can be found here.

Five-SeveN Paranoia

Link to page on the Steam Workshop.

MP7 Knight of Death

Link to page on the Steam Workshop.

The above skins have quite a lot of potential to hit the game. The chances of this are increased by community votes, so be sure to submit them on the Steam Workshop page.