How much did the 18-year-old earn playing for 2 years with Natus Vincere in CSGO? Some people will earn that much in half their lives

On CS: GO you can earn huge amounts of money in a short time. Especially when you get to the top team.

Electronic sports are not very profitable for most people and it is not always possible to make a living from them. However, there are times when a young player becomes wealthy quickly. We are talking here about the example of B1T from Natus Vincere, who is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro. In just two years, he managed to earn several hundred thousand dollars.

How much did the 18-year-old CS: GO gamer earn?

Two years on a team like Natus Vincere was enough for B1T to earn just over 500,000 dollars. The player himself comes from Ukraine, so he also became a millionaire there. Such success was possible mainly due to the fact that Na’Vi could offer B1T a lot of tournaments and good teammates who often guaranteed success.

Of course, if not for his hard work, he would not have had a better chance of joining the ranks of such a formation. Either way, it’s impressive.

The CS: GO player is actually just starting his career, and has already earned quite a lot of money. He is already able to effectively secure his future, and he is only 18 years old.