In 2012, CSGO players took screenshots of such “high viewership” of the tournament on Twitch

One player shared his fairly short story of how in 2012 he was convinced that CS: GO hit its absolute best.

In 2012, everything was different, and that’s quite understandable. However, it is funny to look at the screenshots taken 9 years ago. As a Reddit user with the nickname “Veetaak2” writes, he made a screenshot because it seemed to him that CS: GO has just hit amazing numbers.

He also recalls that those were a time when people argued and discussed CS 1.6 and Source. To this he added his described photo.

Twitch in 2012 and CS: GO

You can be really surprised when you see this. In 2012, TOP of the titles looked completely different than today.

Starcraft was in the first place, watched by nearly 29,000 people. League of Legends was followed by Blizzard’s production with a score of 26,000 people. The CS: GO in question had 15,000 viewers. Later:

  • WoW
  • Dota 2
  • Heroes of Newerth
  • Minecraft
  • Diablo 3

TOP 8 on Twitch had only 2.4 thousand people. Today, productions watched by such audiences are often referred to as dead or seasonal. It was admirable at the time.