CSGO players laugh at this skin, saying that Valve introduced it specifically for one purpose

Information about one skin that appeared in the new operation spread virally among the CS: GO community.

New skins are always additional emotions. This time, they influenced the community especially in one case – the golden AK. Even after a few days, when players with this skin appear on the server, they are almost immediately besieged

No wonder, the prices of this skin are really high at the moment, there are no offers to buy the skin itself.

Gamers laugh that Valve added this skin for a really absurd reason

Players have a very specific opinion about this skin. A joke, but there may be something to it. The point is that practically every day there are better and worse suggestions for adding a golden skin. So there is a chance that a Reddit user with the nickname “HotGeorgeForeman” is right to write:

It is worth mentioning, however, that the skin was created directly by Valve, so it’s possible that the developers simply decided that they would add a gold skin so that people would stop asking for it so often.

So far the skin is one of the most requested, so players are not likely to hate it. It can even go the other way and the developers will decide to create a special line of golden skins.