Ar women stand apart from men in CSGO in terms of skill? A direct comparison leaves no doubt

Comparing men and women in games is practically never incredibly accurate. This time the data shows quite accurately who is on top in this duel.

It will come as no surprise to most people that men have better statistics in CS:GO than women. This is best demonstrated by the lack of female teams or even female players in major tournaments. Recall that there are absolutely no gender restrictions in these types of events.

Women often have their own tournaments where such restrictions already exist. Why is this the case? This can be shown by a direct comparison, which was prepared by “Scope”.

Men vs. women in CS:GO

The comparison is about the professional scene, Scope took such statistics under the microscope:

As you can see, men outnumber women at every point. Of course, it is important to remember here that the data comes only from one tournament, specifically ESLImpact. No one has so far been tempted to compare the information from main servers.

Interestingly, the differences are not at all incredibly large. It seems to be even cosmetic, in many cases men were practically on par with women.