Apex Legends will feature the first transgender female character. Here is the new hero – Catalyst

Respawn has announced that the newest legend in the game is a transgender woman.

Apex Legends has long been a title that has truly diverse characters. The developers wanted characters to represent different cultures, be of different ages, and often belong to minorities.

One of the first champions – Gibraltar – has a lore that reveals he has a boyfriend. Bloodhound, on the other hand, is a non-binary person. Loba, released sometime later, also belongs to the LGBT+ community, as she is bisexual.

These are, of course, just some examples, but you can see from them that game developers are not afraid to add quite colorful and often controversial legends. Many people are happy about this, as fans often point out that it’s easy to find a hero to identify with.

Recently, the developers revealed that the new character will be called Catalyst. Later, her appearance was shown and it was announced that she is another LGBT+ representative, as she is a transgender woman.

Apex Legends’ new female heroine – Catalyst

It has been officially confirmed that the game’s newest legend is a transgender heroine. Respawn also revealed that the voice actress who lent her voice to Catalyst is also a trans woman. Her name is Meli Grant.

Some fans accepted the news without much surprise or negative emotion. Many gamers are used to developers releasing characters that often belong to different minorities. For such people, what matters most is what kind of skill set a character has and whether it will be interesting in terms of gameplay.

There are also those who do not like the new heroine. This part of the Apex community believes that Respawn is focusing too much on the fact that the new legend is trans.

Probably the discussions on this issue will continue for some time, and then everything will quiet down – it happens every time the developers revealed that a champion represents the LGBT+ community.