What are the new teasers for season 15 of Apex Legends telling us about? Everything that is known so far

What do the latest teasers from Apex Legends depict? What might the upcoming season be related to?

The 15th season of Apex Legends is approaching. New seasons usually bring a lot of activation and interesting news. Fans of the title are hoping that this will be the case this time as well.

Graphics have appeared online that announce the upcoming season. What information do they reveal? The community tried to decipher the message of the teasers. Will the developers introduce a brand new map? What is known about the release of another character?

Graphics announcing the 15th season of Apex Legends

Two graphics have appeared on the official Twitter account of Apex Legends, announcing the arrival of the new season. The first depicts a planet made up of butterflies. The text in the image alludes to the so-called “butterfly effect,” a correlation of events when a seemingly innocent flutter of wings in one place can have a huge impact and cause serious consequences in another.

The second graphic depicts a disintegrating eyeball being held up by a group of people. Both posters feature captions talking about saving the planet, the moon, or themselves.

Currently, much information remains unclear. Barring any delays, the community expects Season 15 to kick off on November 1, 2022, and bring Catalyst, a new heroine whose name has been revealed in leaks.

Gamers have different speculations about the news that Respawn has prepared for them. Some believe that the posters mean the introduction of a completely new planet and plot threads. Others believe that it will be an expansion of an older story, which will be expanded with new facts.

It’s hard to say which predictions are true. Everything should become clear soon, when the developers will officially announce all the news. It remains to wait for further information.