The banned Twitch streamer quickly found her new place on another platform. Now she has a grudge against TTV.

There have been some very controversial streamers in Twitch’s history. This includes Indiefoxx, who received a total of 6 bans.

Indiefoxx to a streamer who has been banned several times. You may associate her with many images like:

The streamer was banned for various reasons. Once for her attire, and another time for behavior that alluded to adult content. Ultimately, Twitch decided on a permanent ban.

It’s been a year since that

The streamer recalled herself writing on Twitter that Twitch automatically rejects her appeals, writing that the case is too fresh. Meanwhile, a year and three months have passed since the ban.

Does Indiefoxx have anything to complain about? Certainly her popularity has stagnated, while the girl is still able to quietly make a living from her OF. For the rest, even her recent Twitter posts show that not much has changed:

The streamer also tried her hand at Youtube. However, her channel has not gathered some great recognition. Some videos have 40,000 views each, others have 3,000.

Of course, it is still mostly the appearance that generates the views, not the interesting personality.