They don’t show their faces, but they earn millions. How much has the most popular VTuber on Youtube earned?

VTuber is a relatively new occupation that involves streaming with your virtual avatar. It turns out that it can be very profitable.

Being a VTuber is convenient for people who don’t want to reveal their identity. The most popular influencers have made and continue to make a ton of money from it. However, there is a big risk associated with it – fans of these influencers can be really possessive.

There has been a lot of drama in this community. Suffice it to mention here that the top-earning VTuber was suspended from YouTube a few months ago. By then, however, she had made a lot of money.

How much can be earned from this?

Leaving aside the dramas or money from collaborations, the record money through “Superchat” on Youtube was earned by Rushia Ch. The total is more than 3 million USD.


This is money for showing your virtual character and streaming. The first places are taken by VTubers.

The suspension of this particular VTuber was a very high-profile event on Youtube – months later, there is still a lot of controversies associated with it. Be that as it may, surely the 3 million and additional money from collaborations will allow her to continue.