Twitch streamer who broke her back writes how it will affect her career in adult videos

Adriana Chechik informed everyone that the operation went as planned. However, it’s not looking good.

Recall that the Twitch streamer and also adult film actress took a jump at Twitchcon, as a result of which she broke her spine in two places. This was during a “game” that involved dropping streamers into the pool.

It turned out that the floor was not well protected, and the sponges laid were far too few. The result of this is that Adriana Chechik has a broken spine. Video of the jump:


What happened next?

As we read on Twitter, the operation went well. It lasted more than 5 hours, as the damage is much more serious than it appeared. The bones are completely crushed, the streamer has nerve damage, and, as she writes, she hopes to be able to pee normally in the near future.

The actress mentions that she will probably never be able to perform “female ejaculation” again.

It is not yet known how the whole affair will be approached by the organizer. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the whole action also resulted in the hacking of the streamer’s OF account.

Chechik apologizes to her audience and writes that everything will be back to normal when she can publish content again.