People paid Twitch streamer to stand on them. Amouranth viewers: “I serve the queen”.

If you’ve ever been to any kind of event, you definitely know that people take pictures with influencers there. In theory, nothing wrong with that.

Regular Exorde-goers are certainly familiar with Amouranth, the pool streamer who has caused a ton of controversy in the past few months. If you were wondering whether she is still popular, well… yes, definitelly. She is quietly watched by 9-15 thousand people.

The streamer’s content has remained the same – ASMR, showing her body as part of pool baths and advertising her other, spicier photos.

The streamer’s standing on her viewers

Amouranth, like many other influencers, appeared at the American Twitchcon. This is a special event that brings Twitch streamers together in one place. And so people had the opportunity to meet their favorite influencers.

Viewers took pictures with their idols, and there is nothing unusual about that. What is unusual, however, is what these photos looked like in the case of Amouranth. Her subs could have asked to stand on them.



No, this is not the only case. There are at least a few such recordings, and there are a whole bunch of such photos online:

Naturally, everyone does what they want with their lives, while the behavior of the streamer’s viewers has caused a bit of controversy.